Teaching Linguistics

Teaching Linguistics publishes high-quality scholarship that analyzes a pedagogical issue, introduces an innovative teaching methodology in linguistics, or reviews textbooks and pedagogical materials related to the teaching of linguistics.

Submissions may focus on the teaching of any area of linguistics at any level or may offer a broader perspective on teaching linguistics within higher education or the K-12 curriculum. Articles may be submitted by clicking on the Make a Submission button on the right.

Manuscripts should follow the general guidelines for contributors to Language as found in the Notes to Contributors section.

Evaluation criteria
Articles submitted to Teaching Linguistics are evaluated using the following criteria:

  1. Are the ideas focused on a core area of linguistics and pertinent to the Language readership?

  2. How well does the literature review situate the article in a broader linguistic and/or pedagogical context?

  3. How comprehensively does the author consider implications for the scholarship of teaching and learning in linguistics and related fields?

  4. Does the article directly address ethical considerations with respect to how the information was gathered and how the approaches and techniques were implemented?

  5. How innovative and replicable are the ideas presented?

Article types
Teaching Linguistics publishes three kinds of articles:

Research articles
An original, empirical contribution that helps us understand and enhance teaching and learning via evidence-based conclusions.

Innovations in teaching linguistics
In addition to research articles, we are soliciting articles that introduce the Language readership to innovative pedagogical approaches. Innovation may encompass (1) novel topics in linguistics not traditionally included in the curriculum, (2) the implementation of novel pedagogical techniques in the linguistics classroom, or (3) novel collaborations for introducing linguistics in the K-16 curriculum. Detailed guidelines can be found here.

Textbook reviews
Instructors interested in reviewing recently published textbooks that they've used in their teaching must email the Associate Editors to ensure that the textbook is not already being reviewed. Guidelines for preparing a textbook review can be found here.

Associate Editors for Teaching Linguistics
For more information contact: Kazuko Hiramatsu & Michal Temkin Martinez, Associate Editors, Language