Responding to a request to review

Requests to review manuscripts in Language or in one of Language's online sections will come through an email from one of our editors. To respond to these requests please follow the following steps:

A screencast of the following is available here:

  1. Take note of the dates in the email:
    • The first date indicates when we'd like your response by. You can still accept or decline to do the review after this date but if you have not responded, the system will automatically send a reminder email after this date.
    • The second date is the date by which we'd like to receive your review. An opportunity to propose an alternative due date is available at the submission url.
  2. To respond click on the "Submission URL" in the email.
  3. At the resulting page you may review the metadata of the manuscript to judge your suitability to undertake the review.
  4. To communicate with the editor: If you want to propose alternative due dates or have questions or concerns regarding the manuscript, you can contact the editor by clicking on the email icon next to the editor's name.
  5. To indicate your intentions click either of the following links: "will do the review" or "unable to do the review." Both links will present you with an opportunity to email the editor and record your response in our submission system.