Definitions of Recommendation Choices

Accept submission
Select this for a manuscript that should be accepted for publication as is (barring copyedit and layout).

Revisions required
Select this option to indicate that the manuscript should be accepted once the revisions outlined in the review have been addressed. The manuscript does not require further rounds of peer-review.

Resubmit for review
Select this option to indicate that there are significant issues with the manuscript which you've outlined in your review. If the authors address these issues they should resubmit the manuscript for another round of peer-review. This option also indicates that you believe that the paper could be accepted for publication if the authors implement the required revisions.

Resubmit elsewhere
This will indicate that the manuscript is not suitable for publication in Language but may be suitable for publication in another journal. You may or may not have indicated alternative publications in your review that the authors might wish to submit to.

Decline submission
This will indicate there are serious issues with the manuscript and that it is not suitable for publication in Language.