Accessing Language online

Free access from 2013 (Volume 89) onward

Starting with Volume 89 (2013), the LSA provides free open access to all of Language after one year (i.e., papers published in the March issue of 2018 become freely available in March of 2019). Authors can also choose to pay an article processing fee of $400 to have the one year waiting period waived so that their articles will be immediately available for free. At the discretion of the Editor and the Secretary-Treasurer of the LSA, the article processing fee may be waived for some articles.

The open access archives of Language are available on the LSA website at this link

Access for LSA members from 2001 (Volume 77) onward

LSA members should first try to access Language through their own institutional library, as this access mechanism maximises the financial benefit to the LSA. However, members who do not have access through their institutions can access Language, beginning with Volume 77 (2001), at no additional cost through Project MUSE. Follow the instructions below for this access:

  1. Go to the Language page at Project MUSE.
  2. Select the volume and issue you wish to read. A table of contents should appear.
  3. Click on the article you would like to read. If you are not currently connected from a library that is a member of Project Muse, you will need to log in.
  4. When you are asked how you would like to authenticate, select the MUSE Login button.
  5. Use the login credentials for LSA members, which you can get here.
  6. Click on the Submit button to proceed. This should take you directly to the article you clicked on in #3 above.

You should be able to access any Language article, abstract, etc. from any available issue. You only have to log on once per browser session. If you experience any difficulties with this user name, this password, or these instructions, please send an email to: [email protected].

The password may change periodically; when this occurs, Project MUSE will provide members with new instructions to access Language.

Accessing Language online 1925 through current year minus 5

The entire run of Language (minus the most recent five yeras) is available online via JSTOR. LSA members and others who do not have access to JSTOR through an institutional affiliation may take advantage of the following options:

  1. Purchase a discounted JPass to all JSTOR Content.
  2. Purchase individual articles for download (pdf): a button should be visible in the upper right-hand page view after clicking on the title of the article.
  3. Use the free Register and Read program for temporary access to any Language article: a button should be visible in the upper right-hand page view after clicking on the title of the article.