Submitting the Peer Review Report to the Editor

At the end of the review process the associate editor submits a report to the editor with a recommendation on the submission. To submit this report the AE should use the following steps:


  1. If you have not been assigned as a reviewer to the paper, please assign yourself. It keeps things simplest if AEs are always assigned as Reviewer A. However, if Reviewer A has already been assigned to a reviewer, you can assign yourself to any other reviewer position.
  2. Initiate the review by clicking the email icon under “request”. Skip the request email. Click on “Will Do Review”.
  3. Either upload the report as a PDF document or enter the report in the review comments. It makes the Editor's job easier if you enter your report in the review bubble rather than submit them as a PDF. Unless you need to use special fonts or figures in your report, it's best to enter your review directly rather than to upload it as a PDF document.
  4. Give a very clear recommedation in your report: (i) Accept as is. (ii) Accept after (minor) revisions . (iii) Revise-and-resubmit for review. (iv) Reject. [Remember that we typically allow only one round of revise-and-resubmit. So, please avoid this option for a paper on the second round.]
  5. Do not use the editorial selection functionality on the summary page of the paper in OJS; the Editor will select the correct option when he/she sends the decision letter to the author.
  6. Notify the editor that your report is available by clicking on the email icon next to their name in the submission information at the top of the review page. Since this email is not saved in the OJS record, include all information that should be recorded in the record in your report submitted as Reviewer.

A quick screencast demonstrating these steps is available here: