"Publishing" an issue in OJS

In order for submissions to be removed from the "In Editing" queue and for statistics to be gathered appropriately submissions must be assigned to a "published" issue in OJS.

First, create the issue:

  • From the user home page click on the editor role
  • Under the Issues section click on "Create Issue"
  • Fill out the volume, number and year information (it will auto populate this information based on the last published issue - change if necessary).
  • Scroll down and click save

Second, publish the issue:

  • From the "Future Issues" page (you are taken there after saving a new issue)
  • Click on the issue number you wish to publish
  • On the resulting page click the "Publish Issue" button
  • Click on the "OK" button of the resulting pop-up

Instructions on adding articles to the issue are available in Instructions for Copyeditors.