Completing the 5 step review process

Do the following to complete your review:

  1. Access the review by either:
    • Logging into the system and clicking on the title you wish to review
    • Clicking on the submission URL sent to you in the request to review email
  2. Follow the 5 step process on the review page for the manuscript.

A screencast demonstrating the 5 step review process is available here:


5 Step Process

  1. Indicate whether you will do the review by clicking on the appropriate link.
  2. Download the submission manuscript to read and review it.
  3. Click on the speech bubble icon in this section to enter your review. Note there are two response boxes:
    • In the first box enter the comments you would like the author and editor to see - this will typically be where you would enter your review.
    • In the second box enter comments solely for the editor.
  4. Although it simplifies the editorial process if you enter your review in the textbox, you can also upload your review as a file. Some reviewers like to add electronic notes to the manuscript. You can also upload your marked manuscript if you want it to be shared with the author. If you do this, it is your responsibility to ensure that the document has been properly anonymized.
  5. Select your recommendation and click the "Submit Review to Editor" button.

Note* You must complete step 3 and/or 4. You are not required to complete both steps.

Congratulations, you've completed the review!


Ensuring anonymous reviews

It is important to preserve integrity of the double blind review process. As reviewer, it is your responsibility to ensure that your identity is not recoverable from your review. It is particularly important to ensure that the metadata of any file you may upload does not contain information about your identity. Please consult this document for furhter information about ensuring anonymity.