Assigning Editors to Submissions

In general you will assign 3 editors to each submission which goes to publication:

  1. You assign your self
  2. You assign an Associate Editor for the peer review process
  3. You assign a section editor for copyediting and layout

Follow the following steps to assign these editors:

  1. Open the submission in the "unassigned" queue
  2. On the Summary page under the "Editors" heading click "add self" to add yourself as an editor.
    • note that the roles "review" and "editing" are both checked — as a senior editor you always have access to both review and editing process.
  3. Next click "add section editor" and browse to the section editor you wish to assign in the resulting list --> click assign next to the AE you wish to add.
  4. Send or skip the email request that pops up.
  5. When the AE is assigned by default they will have the roles of "review" and "editing" checked off. Uncheck "editing" and click the record button.
  6. Once the review process has been completed and the submission sent to copyediting you can assign an editor for "editing."
    • Navigate to the summary page for the submission and the "Editors" section
    • Click "add section editor"
    • Browse to the editor you wish to assign the copyedit and layout work for the submission --> click assign next to their name.
    • Send or skip the email requesting their service on this submission

The following screencast demonstrates the process: